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$404,998.26 in only 90 days!...

$313,880.07 in only 3 months!...

$94,037.76 in only 3 months!

"If you're sick of being barred from the Google™ profit bonanza just like we were, we're going to give you a big, bright injection of hope right here"

Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones


From: Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones


Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

More details in a minute, but the short version is this... we figured it out.

We dug into all the complexity. We discovered all the little tricks that mean the difference between utter frustration and mind blowing success. And then we realized the problem...

It was too hard!

Google™ and the other tools you need to use have lots of moving parts. Learning what those are and how to use them takes time. It took us months of labor. But you won't have to go through that pain, because we've taken all the work out of it...

After 12 months of work and $100,000 to pay programmers, we've created the simplest "click here" software you'll ever see for ambushing Google™ and bending the money machine to your will.

Plug in a few items, press a few buttons, and you can get the same results we get every day. Here's what we mean:

Proof 1: $313,880.07 in only 3 months!


We took everything we learned, boiled it down to the simple steps you need to take to duplicate our results... and put it all in software so simple that a trained chimp could use it.

All you have to do is plug it in!

Will You Be The Next Person We Help
Assault Google™ ?

Our names are Andrew and Steven. That's not remarkable, but our results are.

We went from complete unknowns a couple years ago to hitting the top 10 at ClickBank multiple times, launching products that made six figures in days.

We did that sort of quietly at first. We got sick and tired of blowhards and snake oil salesmen, so instead we hunkered down and learned.

For weeks and months we sat hunched over at our computers in the wee hours of the night trying to figure out what works. And we did. Now we're living lives that most people never even dare to dream about. Here's the news most people think is kind of shocking, though...

We're just normal guys. Neither one of us is a computer genius. We didn't go to school to learn marketing. Everything we've done was accomplished by applying one simple rule: Pay attention!

For example, here are a few things we learned along the way:

  • If you choose the right niche, it's like taking candy from a baby.
  • If you bid on keywords correctly, you can pretty much pick Google™ 's pockets (they'll have no choice but to pay you).
  • If you structure and format your ads right, they'll be magnets for people who almost go into spasms trying to give you money.

We discovered all of those secrets, and we're going to give them to you because, you see, we went much farther than just paying attention.

We wrote down what we learned. Then we put it into a form normal people can use, apply and profit from like they're affiliate tycoons.

If you've been around a while, you know our position on Google™ . It's not the enemy—it's a powerful ally if you know how to use it. In fact, it's no exaggeration to say it's your ticket to wealth. Here's how we know...

The True Story Of How We Helped 20,000+ People Change Their Lives

While we can't say we went from rags to riches (we didn't quite start with rags), we can definitely say we've helped other people do that.

First we released Google™ Magic Formula to reveal some of our tactics to the smart folks who saw the potential. That one product has helped over 10,000 people use Google™ to assault markets that seemed unassailable before.

These are the tactics we use ourselves, the "bread and butter", you might say. We revealed our secret tactics because we wanted to prove our results weren't a fluke. Boy, did we ever.

As soon as we released it, people knew it was different. It wasn't tired advice that doesn't work anymore. It wasn't the typical junk that leaves you hanging.

It's the set of tactics we had to pull our hair out to discover, test, prove and hone into a lethal profit weapon.

And speaking of profit weapons, we were poised to unleash something that was going to turn ordinary people into brutal scalping furies...

We Learned How To Wield Google™ Like A Scalping Knife... And We Showed People How To Use It

We didn't plan on keeping any secrets when Google™ Magic Formula came out, but we had to.

If we had released everything we knew, it would've been too much for people to swallow. And frankly, it would've seemed like outlandish hype that would turn people off.

We were stuffing our own pockets with six figures a month in almost every ClickBank account we had running, and we knew people would balk at the claim.

So we waited...

We bided our time, letting thousands of people experience the power of the magic formula we were using ourselves...

...and then we let slip the dogs of war.

Google™ Massacre burst onto the scene and unleashed bloody mayhem. Some of our friends told us the sales page turned their stomachs, but we were deathly serious about what we said there.

Bottom line, Google™ is a terrifying weapon in the hands of somebody who knows how to use it. We held nothing back. Our tactics were the cutting edge (no pun intended) with a difference — regular people could use them immediately and see profits within hours.

This was, and is, stuff you can put to work without being a genius, or working yourself to death.

It's easy to use, once you know how to wield your weapon and sneak up on your victims.

Affiliate marketing isn't a game. If you just play around with it, you'll get hurt. You need to know what you're doing. Google™ Magic Formula and Google™ Massacre together showed over 20,000 people, and their results speak for themselves.

From Struggling Nobody To Somebody FAST...We'll Show You How

It doesn't take years. It might not even take weeks. You can hit Google™ like a pile driver and start squeezing cash out of it so fast and so deep that you'll need a shovel to move it all.

That's true even if you've tried and failed before. You didn't know what we can tell you. But we've got more.

We didn't hold anything back when we unleashed the scalping instructions on the world, but we've taken another step.

Our simple, startlingly powerful techniques work. You've seen the proof. But what if we made it push-button easy to use them? What if all you had to do was click here, enter a little text there, make a few choices in another place... all while following a step-by-step map from where you are to where your dreams live?

This is the remarkable story of how we're going to make that real for you. We've taken all of our learning, all of our success, all of our "tricks of the trade" and dumped it into a tool so powerful, we could patent it.

We'll reveal it in a minute... and you should sit down first... but we want to clear something up before we get there.

Tired Of The "Make A Million In 24 Hours!" Hype?

Us, too. It's ridiculous. And for that reason, let's clear something up here at the beginning.

You might not make $23,563.86 in 24 hours like we did. But here's what most people miss when they try to filter out the massive piles of hype out there...

With the right knowledge and tools, you CAN make that much.

You CAN rake in literally hundreds or thousands of dollars a day.

We know you're sick of all the wacky claims of overnight riches. Exaggeration is even easier on the Internet than it is on in-your-face television infomercials.

But we've created the closest you'll ever get to "point and click" easy profits.

We're pulling in six figures a month in multiple accounts using these techniques, and that will go up now that we have this software. You can do the same.

The "trick" (more like science, really) is to do something so bold, so audacious, so cutting edge that most people would think it's insane. So we ask you:

Are you willing to stop flushing money down the toilet on pay per click (PPC) ads without a system?

Are you ready to go "outside the lines" and be bold? If so, keep reading...


Using Google™ Isn't Enough...

You've heard the stories of people losing their shirts with PPC ads. You might have lost more than one of your own shirts trying to strike it rich that way (be honest).

That's because people make a basic mistake... they think using Google™ is enough. It's absolutely not. 

Google™ is a great tool, but simply using it means you're willing to accept the standard results. That's true for all of the PPC engines, too.

What you really need to do is control Google™ . You need to ambush the bus and take the wheel. It's simple math.

Suppose you don't know what you're doing, but you like the sound of making a ton with Google™ . So you fire up your PPC campaign and spend $100 a day to get some traffic... and end up with a $700 bill after a week but not a single dime in profits.

That's typical.

But suppose you use our software to ambush Google™ and force them to give you the best price on the most highly profitable keywords. Then you'd get results like this in three months of letting your campaign run:

Proof 2: $404,998.26 in only 90 days!

It's time you knew how to do that for yourself...

Take Control Of Google™ And Print Money At Will With Affiliate Launcher..

The Push-Button Simple Software That Puts You In Charge

This is the software everybody wants, but nobody's been able to get, because we've kept it under wraps.

It's the simple way to avoid all the grunt work mere mortals normally have to do when they set up an ad campaign — find keywords that don't stink, tweak their keyword bids, and all the rest.

That's because this groundbreaking software (brand new to the market) is based on something so simple it'll shock you...

Without A System, You're Sunk

Go ahead and try reinventing the wheel. We did. It cost us thousands of dollars.

You need a simple system that works. That's exactly what Affiliate Launcher is... a ruthlessly effective system already set up and ready to go. Think of it like a profit factory — flip the switch and start cranking out the paychecks.

The System is Simple:

Step 1:
Find a profitable niche. Not just any niche. You need one that will line your pockets.
Step 2:
Pick keywords with laser-like precision. It's not enough to slap together a set of 1,500 loosely related junk keywords. That's how to go bankrupt. You need the cream of the crop, and that means you have to know how to find them.
Step 3:
Fire up your PPC Factory. This is really the "secret sauce". You need to be able to target the best converting keywords with killer ads based on the ones already raking in huge profits on Google™ .
Step 4:
Generate your landing page automatically. Online advertising is a science. If your landing page isn't up to snuff, Google™ will slap you senseless by knocking your ads down and charging you crazy money to make them recover.
Step 5:
Track your performance. Think of PPC as a series of guesses. You have to refine your approach as you learn more. Specifically, you have to know which keywords put the most money in your pocket so you can focus on them. But this tracking needs to be automatic, not manual, or you'll pull your hair out trying to do it when you need to.
Step 6:
Do it AGAIN. Once you've done it once, the key to creating jaw-dropping profits is to do it again... and again... and again.

If Affiliate Launcher had been around when we were starting, we would've eaten beans and rice for a year to buy it (don't let your brain go nuts — we won't make you go on that kind of diet).

The Two Secret Words:
Confidence and Speed

If you have confidence, you can go fast. It's as simple as that. And speed is the key to making a killing like all the success stories you hear about.

Think about that, though. A simple example illustrates the point.

The NASA Space Shuttle is one of the most complicated machines ever built. Just keeping it running takes weeks of work for every hour of actual flight time. But imagine if NASA had to rebuild it from scratch every time they wanted to launch. Nuts, right?

That's what people are doing with their PPC campaigns! If what you're doing is so complicated you pretty much have to build the Shuttle from scratch every time you want to launch a campaign, there's no way you can be confident you'll get everything right, and you'll slow to a crawl.

You need an almost fill-in-the-blank template to create profitable advertising campaigns whenever you want.

That's exactly what Affiliate Launcher is. No guessing, no worrying—just blazing fast profits that'll blow your doors off. We'll show you how...

Step 1: Find Killer Products

You've heard it before, but it's true — without a product that's already selling like heaters in Alaska, you'll crash and burn. But that misses the point.

What really counts is the market. If you don't have a bunch of people drooling over what you're selling, even before you offer it, you'll fail.

That's why Affiliate Launcher is like your niche detective. It's going to make finding a niche full of hungry buyers so easy, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

The software will "reverse engineer" the hottest markets. Affiliate Launcher will automatically find the most profitable products at ClickBank, which is the most popular product catalog online. That's a huge clue about which markets are hot and remember, that's the key. You'll never have to guess.
You'll get advanced stats that make this product catalog marketplace putty in your hands. If we just gave you a nicely re-formatted product browser, that wouldn't be worth anything. What we're giving you is a super-charged niche research tool. You'll know which products are most popular, what one's have been rising or declining in popularity, how long each product has been on the market, plus so much more.
You'll have the most current product info. Stale products don't sell. You need the hottest products in the hottest markets. Affiliate Launcher will show you the newest products, right up to the ones that just got added today.
You'll more than just product ads. What you see in product catalogs is commercials for products—they're putting their best foot forward. But what you really need to know are things like does the site have eye-catching graphics? Does the copy convert like crazy? Does the sales page have an exit chat pop-up to boost conversions? Affiliate Launcher will evaluate each product for you, saving you hours of research time. You can just read the checklist!

With a niche detective like this on your side, you'll be an invincible force in the market. You'll also virtually eliminate any worry about firing up a PPC campaign, spending a lot of money and not selling a thing.

But we're not even warmed up yet...

Step 2: Laser Target Your Keywords

See if this sounds familiar...

You find what looks like a good product, and the product seller gives you a set of several keywords to use for your PPC campaigns. You take his advice... and lose a bundle.

The problem is, those keywords probably stink! Anybody can slap together a big list of keywords, but are they any good? Affiliate Launcher solves that problem for you:

You'll get a list of solid keywords. Enter your main keyword phrase (hey, you gotta start somewhere), tell the system a few criteria (such as where to look) and presto! You'll have a list of winners. But that's not all...
Your keyword list will be ranked. You won't just know the list, you'll know which ones on the list are best. Affiliate Launcher can rank the keywords by search count, number of words in the keyword phrase and even by competition level. Ever hear of "long tail" keywords, the ones that are supposed to be fantastic because they're not super-competitive but they get solid clicks? Here you go!
You'll have your own competitive spy. Keywords are fine, but they're just words. What you really need to know is, are people profiting from a given keyword right now? Affiliate Launcher tells you! This one feature is like finding the "X" that marks the spot on the treasure map. You'll know which keywords in your niche are kicking tail on AdWords right this very minute.

Forget having to hunt for hours or days to find a few keywords that might work. You'll have a basket full of 'em in no time.

Step 3: Fire Up Your PPC Factory

If you've set up PPC campaigns at Google™ , you know it's a royal pain in the neck. It's not hard, but it's grunt work you'd almost pay somebody to do to save yourself time.

Well, imagine having a servant to do all the hard stuff, and then you just assemble a few pieces and start making money. Affiliate Launcher is exactly that kind of servant for you:

You can generate ads for the biggest search network on the planet... Google™ ! And better yet, we've made the process push-button simple.
You can "clone" ads. Enter your targeted keyword for an ad and Affiliate Launcher will work magic (not quite, but close). It'll search Google™ and/or Yahoo and show you the best ads to clone.
You'll refine your keyword targeting even more. You'll already have good keywords by now, but you can do even better. Affiliate Launcher will give you broad, exact or phrase match automatically (no more finger-numbing typing to generate those). You'll also be able to use one keyword per ad group without pulling your hair out.
Finally — manage multiple campaigns at once! Not only can you see them, you can also manage them to just about burst your bank account. Affiliate Launcher gives you filters to find which keywords have converted in the last 100 clicks, show which keywords are converting at 5% of greater, and so on. You'll even be able to see keywords that have had a certain number of clicks without a sale, and then mass delete or pause them, all from one tool.
Split testing is built in. You know you need to test, but it's usually aggravating. Not anymore. Affiliate Launcher has built-in split testing, and it'll even email you when a given ad is declared the winner.

Never again will you have to feel like you've got to assemble a NASCAR stockcar just to get an ad up! Affiliate Launcher makes it nearly push-button simple to get everything set up so you can just enter a few things and be off and running.

Even better, you'll have complete diagnostic tools to help you make your campaigns hyper-profitable in record time.

Step 4: Generate Your Landing Page Automatically

Once you know what niche and product you want to target, and once you know what ads you'll use to do it, you gotta send visitors somewhere! That's what a landing page is for.

Now you know the yucky part — creating a landing page that grabs a visitor by the brain and won't let him go until he clicks through to the product sales page isn't easy... until you have Affiliate Launcher:

It's as easy as filling in a template. No, we're not kidding. We've done the hard work of figuring out what works. All you have to do is fill some stuff in, and out pops your hyper-converting landing page.
Your landing page will compel Google™ to reward you. Google™ doesn't reveal exactly how they do things, but we know one thing counts a ton—relevancy. If your landing page is consistent with your keywords, Google™ will reward you with a higher quality score, which can make you vastly more money.
These are optimized, attractive landing pages. No junk here, we assure you. These pages look great and have all the things you'd expect (nice graphics, optimized keywords, etc.) They even include dynamically inserted keywords in the headlines so you can boost your Google™ quality score even more.

Most PPC advertisers make the profit-killing mistake of having landing pages that turn visitors away. When you do that, you're paying for clicks that never pay you back. Affiliate Launcher stops that in its tracks.

Step 5: Track Your Performance

You've set up your campaign. Because you've used Affiliate Launcher, you're already making money. But there's a nagging question in the back of your mind...

"Could I be doing better?"

If you're asking that, you're ready to join the ranks of the pros. They're never satisfied. They're always trying to squeeze more profit out of their efforts. And Affiliate Launcher has that habit built right in:

Your tracking will be automatic. You might even say "automagic". Affiliate Launcher will insert some code in your landing page (you never have to see it if you don't want). That code does all the work of tracking click-throughs and conversions.
All in one place, right before your eyes. You'll never have to go crazy trying to figure out how to know what's working and what's not—it'll all be right in front of you, almost like a "dashboard" in your car.
This is the most detailed tracking you've ever seen. It's not just convenient, it's also comprehensive. Affiliate Launcher tracks which keywords and sources of traffic generated sales, right down to each individual ad group and keyword. It doesn't matter if you send visitors straight to a product sales page, or to your own product review page first.
You'll get opt-in tracking too. Sales are good. More sales in the future from those buyers is even better, so it pays to know where your buyers are coming from. Affiliate Launcher tracks which keywords and traffic sources brought you opt-ins for your buyer list. Talk about closing the loop!

The pros know a secret most beginners don't—tracking is the difference between just scraping by and living like a king.

But testing and tracking is labor-intensive, no way around it... until now. Affiliate Launcher takes all the pain out of it, and makes it easy to double or triple your profits fast.

Step 6: Do It Again

When you've got a system that works, the way to make money is to run the thing like clockwork.

Normally, when it comes to PPC advertising "doing it again" is like climbing up Mt. Everest a second time — it was hard enough once, but twice is insane. Unfortunately, setting up, maintaining and enhancing campaigns typically time and effort. Lots of both, actually.

That's really what makes Affiliate Launcher so powerful. Here's what we mean. Suppose you want to fire up a campaign...

First, you've got to find your market. This easily could take you days or weeks of research. And do you really know it's a good market? Most people just guess.
Then you have to find great products. This is doable manually, but sign yourself up for at least another few hours of work to investigate everything, including the sales copy for each potential product.
Then find killer keywords. Oh, brother. This takes forever. If you're greased lightning it's at least another few hours, probably a few days.
Set up your PPC campaign. This has been studied to death, and it's a huge time sinkhole. You can spend well over 100 hours generating campaigns with multiple ad groups for the keywords you've found, and then writing ads for all of those.
Create your landing pages. Oh, yeah, you need one for each keyword! That's another 300+ hours.
Track your performance. This is tough to estimate, since everybody has their own way of doing it. But it's easily 1-2 hours a day if you want to stay on top of everything.

That's literally weeks of time for every single campaign. It's no wonder "doing it again" isn't something most people ever want to try. Doing it once feels like you got run over by a bus.

But Affiliate Launcher takes all that time and squashes down to minutes. You have to a click a few buttons and enter a few bits of text. Then you're done.

This is going to revolutionize how people do PPC, and it can definitely take you to the top of the heap in no time flat. And speaking of that..

The Best Part Is The Results...
Try Almost Six Figures In 90 Days

A tool is just a tool. It doesn't matter if it's shiny and cool. What really counts is whether it showers you with profits so big that you're almost embarrassed to tell your friends because they'll think you're dealing drugs.

Here's a simple example:

Proof 3: $94,037.76 in only 3 months!

Notice the dates. That's $94,037.76 in three months..

What are you making with PPC right now? If it's not that much, it should be. We're using the exact same techniques as Affiliate Launcher uses. But here's the thing... we'll do even better by using our own software.

Now, this software isn't some can of magic beans. There are no guarantees in any business, and the biggest reason there's so much hype around making money online is that people are... can we be honest?... gullible. Don't be!

This Is Like Giving Google™ Orders!

Google™ obviously doesn't take orders from us. We can't boss them around. But Affiliate Launcher sure makes it feel that way. It's almost like you tell Google™ what to do, and they have to deliver.

Look, we've heard the stories of people spending weeks and months to tweak their PPC campaigns. And after all of that sweat, all of that effort, all of that research... they're making a few bucks a day if they're lucky.

We're here to tell you that's insane. There, we said it.

Affiliate Launcher takes the pain out of it, and puts you on the fast track to seeing the big bucks you're hearing other people talk about. You won't get rich overnight, but there's no reason you have to get rich on the glacially slow plan either.

What's This Profit Machine Cost?

That's the beauty of it.

We could have set up a coaching program (we considered it), but that would take a huge chunk of our time. Time is money. We would have to charge a fee big enough to scare most people away and reward us for coaching the few who have the dough. We're talking about $10,000 or more.

We also considered setting this up as a service where we manage your PPC campaigns, but frankly, that has the same drawbacks—lots of our time, lots of your money, probably $5,000 a month or more.

Then we figured out how to do it... we'll essentially put ourselves in a box and give you our coaching via software via a membership site, and we'll host it for you so you get the convenience of a service. That saves us time, and we'll pass most of it along to you as a cost savings.

Sign up now and you'll get everything you need to start beating PPC senseless:

You'll get unlimited access to Affiliate Launcher. You can create, manage and refine your campaigns 24x7x365 online on our rock-solid server.
You'll get unlimited PPC campaigns. We're not playing games here. There's no limit on your campaigns, or your keywords, or your ad groups, or anything else. Build monster campaigns or small ones, and do it all in a few clicks and a few minutes.
You'll get all the enhancements we build in over time. We're not done with this. As we learn, we'll give you the benefits. It's already a launch pad for your profits, but we hope to make it even more ridiculously profitable.

You'll get it all for only $77 a month.

Lock In Your Affiliate Launcher Spot Now!

But that won't last. We're going to limit the memberships on this thing, and we're not sure at what point we'll do that. We could put an arbitrary number on it, but we won't. Know that we're not kidding, however.

Sign up now while the introductory price lasts, and more important, while spots are still open.

And We'll Put Our Money Where Your Money Is

At $77 a month, this is just about the cheapest PPC help you'll ever see. But we know it's not chump change for some people. So we'll make you a deal...

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Claim your spot while you still can, and we'll let you try Affiliate Launcher with zero risk for a full 60 days.

That's two full months without having to risk a dime for the power you're going to get.

Fire up a campaign and see if you don't start seeing serious money from it. We know of no better way to prove we know what we're doing, and that we can help you get the same kind of results we do.

At the end of the 60 days, if you're not happy for any reason at all, let us know. We'll refund every penny of your first two months membership fees, and you won't be charged again.

We can't emphasize enough, you need to act now. We won't keep the doors open long, so jump on this while you have the chance... or wait and give up the profits you should be seeing within days, not weeks.

Maybe you've struggled with PPC before, or you're still struggling. We've been there.

Maybe you've just been too scared to give it a try. We understand.

But we've taken away all the excuses. There is no reason why you can't start seeing huge profits — hundreds or even thousands a day — within 30 days from right this minute. No reason at all.

Affiliate Launcher is the tool you need to get there. It's as simple as it can be, the closest you'll ever find to truly "push-button simple".

Are you going to let it pass you by, or are you going to find out what it's like to live the life you dreamed of when you first started thinking about making money online?s

That's right, we thought so.

Wishing you success ,

Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones

P.S. Act now, or miss the chance, it's that simple. You have zero risk here (we're taking it all), and you can prove to yourself that Affiliate Launcher is "the" tool you need before you owe us a dime. Don't wait and miss the boat. Join The Super Affiliates Using 'Affiliate Launcher' now!

P.P.S. This is your chance to take action, if you want to succeed as an affiliate and bring home the bacon from Clickbank, then you need to make a change. You need that competitive advantage which will catapult you overnight into the upper echelons of affiliates, take a chance, otherwise you will never know how successful you could have been. Click here to order 'Affiliate Launcher' right now!

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